Some pit cooking and paintings on blankets here - a prequel to more things with fire, textile, paint and food (together with Joost Nieuwenburg <3)

   Bergen Bar:

   I have now some artworks for sale on availableworks.net
   Available Works is an initiative by Asher Penn (artist and founder of sexmagazine.us)

   ‘Filet Americain’ is an exhibition I did together with Anna Maria Luczak in Maastricht at the end of a few weeks’ stay
   Pierogi Dumplings Ravioli Raviole Mochi Beignet Tourton etc...

   Peach@W139: We moved temporarily Peach to Amsterdam + I made some lamps/paintings on aluminium for the decor and a little bar together with Hunter Longe. Pictures and info there:

   ‘Life is Peachy’, Frankfurt (2016)

                           Life is Okay

   ‘The Iceberg of’

   ‘Rowing: Iphigenia or a Girl for the Wind, Part 2’
   http://www.ghislainamar.com/index.php?/exhibitions/rowing/ + bit of text here (link)

   LIFE IN 400 BCE
   ‘Iphigenia or a Girl for the Wind, Part 1’:

   New book (May 2016):

   >some text and documentation of my show ‘Amar Amar’ @ Basis Projektraum here:
   Link Aqnb (scroll up to see the pictures)


    New book: ‘Iphigenia or a Girl for the Wind, Part 0’:

    ‘The Social Impact Lab Frankfurt’ a few photographs from the slideshow are shown on this page here:
    & http://kubaparis.com/all-the-time-at-work/

    The L.A.IF. Workshop


    ‘Life is Peachy’ (2015)

Life is Okay

    ‘The Below Standard Performance Business Man’ @ gdcc

    Lizzy at Pracownia Portretu (inspired by Lizzy Mercier Descloux’ self titled album from 1984 and    Café M’n Schoonmoeder in Rotterdam)

    More books:

    03 ’14

    The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (with Bernd Krauß & Gerwin Luijendijk) 2014

                                                                                             Life is Fine

   b. 1984, Montpellier, France
   Lives in Rotterdam

   November 12th 2017
   FIRE, SMOKE, STEAM @ Peach - A workshop deluxe by Joost Nieuwenburg and myself @Peach http://www.peachopposite.com/

   Recent exhibitions/projects

   ‘All the Time at Work’; Galeria Labirynth, BWA Lublin, Poland
   ‘Meet Me at The Metro Station’; Guestrooms, Amsterdam
   ‘Bergen Bar’; Archipelago / Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, Norway (solo)
   ‘Filet Americain’ (duo show with Anna Maria Luczak), Roll on Phenomena, Maastricht
   ‘Feeelings’ a new space in Brussels run by Camille Gérenton and Anouchka Oler

   ‘Peach’; W139, Amsterdam
   ‘State of the City’; Basis, Frankfurt
   ‘The Iceberg of’; The Tip, Frankfurt (solo)
   ‘Rowing (Iphigenia or A Girl for the Wind, Part 2)’; Stellwerk, Kassel (solo)
    ‘Life in 400 BCE (Iphigenia or A Girl for the Wind, Part 1)’; a workshop and exhibition at New Bretagne / Belle Air, Essen
    ‘Amar Amar’; Projektraum Basis, Frankfurt (solo)
    ‘All the Time at Work’; group show at BWA Tarnów, cur. by Romuald Demidenko (newartcenter.info), Tarnów (PL)

   ‘The L.A.I.F. Workshop’ (as Riama Nashlig); Peach, Frankfurt (solo)
   ‘Us’; Swimming Pool, Sofia (BG)
   ‘Super in Position’; November Complex@Hofpoort, Rotterdam
   ‘The Peet Market’; Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam
   ‘An evening with’; Flat i, London
   ‘The Below Standard Performance Business Man’ (solo), GDCC, Rotterdam

   ‘Paralysis’, Peach Books, Rotterdam
   ‘Iphigenia or A Girl for the Wind’ - A play by Yves Mercol, edited by me; French/English edition, link

   ‘World of Echo, Part 1&3’, Peach Books

   AIR_Frankfurt - 'State of the City', Frankfurt

   AFK, Amsterdam - For the project ‘Peach’, W139, Amsterdam
   Mondriaan Fonds - 'Bijdrage Praktijkverdieping' for the project 'State of the City'

   CBK Rotterdam - O&O (Onderzoek & Ontwikkeling) for the project 'The Estate of Yves Mercol'


   Other projects:
   Riama Nashlig
   November Complex