pit cooking and paintings on blankets here:
- a prequel to more things to come with fire, textile, paint and food (together with Joost Nieuwenburg)

   Bergen Bar:

   I have now some artworks for sale on availableworks.net
   Available Works is an initiative by Asher Penn (artist and founder of sexmagazine.us)

   ‘Filet Americain’ is an exhibition I did together with Anna Maria Luczak in Maastricht at the end of a few weeks’ stay
   Pierogi Dumplings Ravioli Raviole Mochi Beignet Tourton etc...

   Peach@W139: We moved temporarily Peach to Amsterdam + I made some lamps/paintings on aluminium for the decor and a little bar together with Hunter Longe. Pictures and info there:

   ‘Life is Peachy’, Frankfurt (2016)

                           Life is Okay

   ‘The Iceberg of’

   ‘Rowing: Iphigenia or a Girl for the Wind, Part 2’
   http://www.ghislainamar.com/index.php?/exhibitions/rowing/ + bit of text here (link)

   LIFE IN 400 BCE
   ‘Iphigenia or a Girl for the Wind, Part 1’:

   New book (May 2016):

   >some text and documentation of my show ‘Amar Amar’ @ Basis Projektraum here:
   Link Aqnb (scroll up to see the pictures)



    New book: ‘Iphigenia or a Girl for the Wind, Part 0’:

    ‘The Social Impact Lab Frankfurt’ a few photographs from the slideshow are shown on this page here:
    & http://kubaparis.com/all-the-time-at-work/

    The L.A.IF. Workshop


    ‘Life is Peachy’

Life is Okay

    ‘The Below Standard Performance Business Man’ @ gdcc

    More books:

    Lizzy at Pracownia Portretu (inspired by Lizzy Mercier Descloux’ self titled album from 1984 and    Café M’n Schoonmoeder in Rotterdam)

    03 ’14

    The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (with Bernd Krauß & Gerwin Luijendijk)